Top 10 Things to do in Negril Jamaica

Whether you’re a lazy beach bum like myself or an explorer like my husband, there are no shortages of things to do in Negril Jamaica.  Located on the far western tip of Jamaica, Negril has some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life. Combined with white sandy beaches and tall rocky cliffs, and endless activities for the adventurer type, it truly is paradise! Will and I spent 5 nights in Negril in February. We stayed in a guesthouse overlooking rocky cliffs that crashed into bright turquoise blue waters. You won’t need a car. We taxied with locals to all of the destinations below.  Here are 10 things you must do on your next trip to Negril Jamaica!

1. Stroll Negril’s Seven mile Beach

Depending on the time of year, the beach can be quite crowded but nevertheless, stunning!  It has been labeled one of the best beaches in the world, justifiably, with its miles and miles of white sand and calm ocean blue waters.

10 Things to do in Negril Jamaica

 10 Things to do in Negril Jamaica

2. Cliff Dive at Rick’s Cafe

If you are an adrenaline junkie, Rick’s Cafe is your #1 stop in Negril.  Choose from 3 platforms to jump from: 10 feet, 25 feet, and 35 feet. I’m more of an observer kinda chick. And I was happy to drink my rum and punch at the bar while observing the craziness unfold below. The locals did every kind of flip and jump trick you can imagine. Extremely entertaining!

10 Things to do in Negril Jamaica

10 Things to do in Negril Jamaica 10 Things to do in Negril Jamaica 10 Things to do in Negril Jamaica

3. Snorkel in Negril

Well Duh! Negril has amazing cliffs, which have amazing reefs all along the bottom.  You would be remiss to go to Negril without catching the view from under the sea.  There are many places you can rent snorkel gear. But my husband and I just brought our own. This one here is a great travel size set.  We stayed at Alvynegril Guesthouse and they had their own private entrance down through a CAVE into the water!

10 Things to do in Negril Jamaica

10 Things to do in Negril Jamaica

10 Things to do in Negril Jamaica

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4. Take a Pontoon Boat tour of Black River

This counts as more of a day-excursion, as its actually located about an hour and 15 minutes southeast of Negril. Will and I flagged down a local driver. The guy offered to take us there for cheap (probably not the safest route, but he seemed nice enough and was way cheaper than booking through an actual touring company).  He drove us down to Black River Bay with a stop for lunch as well as dinner at local food stands. And then he also hooked us up with tickets to tour the Black river along with a taxi ride out to the Pelican Bar (see #5).  Overall, one of the best days of the whole trip.

10 Things to do in Negril Jamaica
Black River from a Pontoon

5. Take a water taxi out to Floyd’s Pelican Bar

This is another day-excursion, but worth the trip nonetheless.  This tiny bar, made of driftwood, stands on a sandbar about 3/4 of a mile out in the middle of the ocean.  They serve a full bar and you can eat fresh lobster or fish if you order ahead of time.  The water taxi out to the bar takes about 15 to 20 minutes from the Black River Bay area. So you might combine the 2 tours in one day like we did. 

Negril Jamaica

6. Eat inside a Cave or at Rockhouse Grill overlooking the ocean

Rockhouse Grill happened to be right next door to our guesthouse we were staying in.  We ate there a couple of times because the restaurant had an amazing view and nice menu both day and night. Just up the road (walking distance) is The Caves Hotel & Resort.  They have a bar and restaurant set inside a cave that we tried to go to on our last night. But they happened to be closed to outside guests on Mondays.  Try going on a Saturday but its probably a good idea to get reservations.

 Negril Jamaica

Negril Jamaica
“the Caves Restaurant”
Negril Jamaica
Breakfast at Rockhouse Grill

7. Eat Jerk Chicken!

Does “eating” count as a thing to do in Negril? You bet! You can sample jerk chicken at most restaurants in Negril. Although 3 Dives Restaurant has to be one of the best.  You can’t really go wrong wherever you find it. It’s absolutely delicious!

10 Things to do in Negril Jamaica

8. Check out Whoopies Hammock Bar

This was a tip from a local.  Just up the road from our guesthouse (near Rockhouse) is a local hangout in Negril with a bar overlooking the ocean. It had tons of hammocks and the best part… can feed baby goats!  Afterwards, belly up to the bar, meet some locals, and watch the sunset!


9. Watch the Sunset!

Hands down, Jamaica had some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen.  I guess part of it had to do with Negril having such a variety of landscapes.  You have sunsets while sitting on white sandy beaches, sunsets while sitting atop huge cliffs with the ocean crashing beneath you, sunsets from a bar, sunsets from a hammock, sunsets from a restaurant, sunsets while swimming in the ocean. You get it.

10 Things to do in Negril Jamaica 10 Things to do in Negril Jamaica

10. Just Chillax!

It’s hard not to chill out while exploring the Island of “One Love.”  I truly fell in love with the people and the culture and the second you step off the plane in Montego Bay, your body will simply relax.

10 Things to do in Negril Jamaica

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Have you ever been to Jamaica? What did we miss? We plan to visit Negril again someday, but would also like to explore other areas like Montego Bay or Ocho Rios…..send me some tips in the comment section below!

Happy and Safe Travels!

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