The Path of the Gods Hiking Trail -a hidden treasure on the Amalfi Coast

My husband and I were in the midst of a 3 day Roadtrip on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. On our second day in Positano, we decided to hike the Path of the Gods Trail.  The hiking trail starts in Nocelle (24 minutes away from Positano) and ends in Bomerano.

Path of the Gods

Path of the Gods map

Where to Start the Path of the Gods Hiking Trail

I was told that the trail is all uphill from Nocelle.  We had our car with us, so we decided to start in Bomerano (at the trail end). From there we walked about 1 hour into the trail, and then turned around.  The entire trail takes about 3 hours ONE WAY. I was not up for a 6 hour hike, down and back, since we would have to return to our car. Plus I was 5 months pregnant and did not have the best hiking shoes.

PRO TIP: If I were to do it all over, I would leave the car at our VRBO/Airbnb, take a taxi to the Bomerano trail head, and then taxi home from Nocelle.  That way we could do the full hike, one way.

Path of the Gods

Our hope is to travel as a family as often as we can (at least as often as our work schedules allow us).

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Bus or no Bus to the Trailhead?

I did read on trip advisor that there is also a bus that will take you from Positano to Bomerano.  According to reviews, its a nightmare trying to catch the bus because there is no set schedule.  We even attempted this at first and gave up waiting.  We decided not to risk waiting at the bus stop for hours for the right bus to come along. So if you decide to drive, like we did, start in Bomerano. The drive from Positano to hiking trail head in Bomerano is all along the Almalfi Coast and is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

Almalfi Coast

Almalfi Coast

The Path of the Gods hiking trail, itself, is mostly gravel, with the occasional big rock that you have to side-step.  At all times, you will have a view of the ocean.  The path is so high up, that at some points on the trail, we were in the clouds.

Almalfi Coast Almalfi Coast

There was also the occasional bench to stop and take a rest.  You can definitely understand why they call it the Path of the Gods.  I was 5 months pregnant at the time, and the hike was not too strenuous.  I’d say it is an intermediate level if you start from the Bomerano side and turn around.

Path of the Gods

I can’t vouch for the 3 hour trek uphill from Nocelle to Bomerano though. If I’m feeling up for a challenge, I wouldn’t mind attempting that one day.

Almalfi Coast

Travel Tip: Before leaving our Airbnb room that morning, I wasn’t prepared for a hike. The plan had been to go to Capri, but that fell through.  Since we were already out and about, I did not have tennis shoes on me.  But for all my travels, I always bring my Tiek Ballet slippers in my bag. They fold up and can fit in a small handbag and are great for whenever my feet begin to ache after wearing flip flops or sandals.  My Tieks were perfect in this scenario.  Tieks can be expensive, but here is a link to a much more affordable option I found on Amazon.

If you are in the Amalfi Coast region, I highly recommend this hiking the Path of the Gods. Here is a link for more details about the hike (getting there, elevation, weather, etc.)

Have you been to Positano before? Check out my 3-Day Roadtrip Itinerary on the Amalfi Coast. What other activities would you recommend? Comment below!

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