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I am passionate about working with brands that I truly believe in! By partnering with Lazy Lauren you can reach an audience of engaged readers interested in family travel and an adventurous parenting lifestyle. I feature wholesome family photography, videography and detailed blog posts that capture the viewer’s attention leaving them wanting to learn more about the resort, product, or experience. Furthermore, I have an impact on the decision-making process of my readers because I engage closely and have worked to earn their trust. Shoot me a DM through Instagram, or email me at: hello@lazylauren.com

About Lazy Lauren World Tour:

My name is Lauren and I’m the author & photographer of Lazy Lauren World Tour. I’m a vacation planning enthusiast, a wife to Will, who happily succumbs to my every wanderlust need, and mom to the cutest tiny travelers: Jimmie (age 5) and Emily (4) .

What makes us different?

I encourage our readers to not shy away from adventurous travel with young kids and kids with special needs. Jimmie was diagnosed with Autism earlier this year, and while I don’t focus too heavily on Autism in my posts, I do get a lot of questions and followers interested in traveling with kids with special needs. I also advocate that the lessons kids learn from traveling (adaptability, patience, & adventure, to name a few) are worth every effort and the memories made, especially for parents, are invaluable! On our travels, we tend to stay at family-friendly condos, hotels, or resorts. I often showcase the lodging, accommodations, activities, meals, etc in my blog posts & social media shares. We also travel using credit card points and miles and I share tips on travel hacking. You can learn more about us here.

Lazy Lauren World Tour – Features and Services

  • Content Creation: Family oriented photography, vlog style videos, sponsored blog posts
  • Hotel and Product Reviews
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Social Media Campaigns – Promoting brands on my page through feed posts, stories, reels, videos, etc.
  • Destination Promotions
  • Credit Card Travel Reward Bonus Promotions

Audience and Demographics

1.96 K Followers 200K Monthly Viewers

15 K Followers 3.5% Engagement

Lazy Lauren Travel

15 K Monthly Page Views

  • 25-34 Years Old – more than 25%
  • 35-45 Years Old – about 23%
  • About 70% of blog readers are female
  • Many are parents interested in travel, education, food and drink, and home life
  • Majority of readers come from United States, Canada and United Kingdom

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