Hawaii for nearly free

Hawaii Family Vacation for Nearly Free

This past Spring Break, I took Will and the kids on a bucket list trip to Hawaii for nearly free. We visited the island of Kauai and quickly fell in love with its golden pristine beaches, lush green mountains, jaw-dropping Napali Coastline, and vibrant culture. I was particularly looking for adventure, and, OMG, did Kauai deliver!

The BEST part? I booked the whole trip for a FRACTION of what most people pay! Learning how to earn and optimize credit card points has allowed my family to go on so many more bucket list vacations than I EVER thought possible! And you can do this too.  It really is NOT too good to be true

Here’s how to go to Hawaii, and pay only the cost of your food:

1.  Fly to Hawaii on POINTS!

If you are skeptical of the whole points and miles world (like I was in the beginning), I encourage you to just try it just once. If it’s not for you, no problem. Worse case scenario, you end up with a heavily discounted vacation. And your credit score will either stay the same or even go UP!  And, if you are new to this whole points thing, check out this easy 4-step beginner guide to getting started. I promise, it is waaaayyy easier than you think!

We flew Southwest using our Companion pass along with 120,000 SW points (total for 4 of us), and $11.20 in taxes each. The Total cost: $44.80.  Here’s a link on how YOU can get a SW Companion Pass too.

If Southwest is NOT common at your local airport, you can also try American Airlines via British Airways Avios – 26,000 points R/T from the west coast. Another option is Delta and Alaska Airlines via AirFrance/KLM Flying Blue for 35,000 points p/p. 

2.  Stay at the Grand Hyatt Kauai, Hawaii!

Instead of paying around $5,000 for this luxury hotel for 5 nights, you can book 5 nights at the Hyatt for 125,000 points and $0! Right now, THIS credit card is offering 100,000 blue-bank points after spending $8,000 in 3 months. You would then transfer these flexible points to Hyatt and that would cover 4 nights. If your “Player 2” (husband, sister, mom, friend…whoever you want to travel with) opens the card as well, you will have enough for 8 nights! (Shoot me an email if you have any questions about the card or HOW to transfer the points). 

3.  Airbnb/VRBO – Hawaii on a Budget

I tend to prefer staying in Airbnbs and VrBOs mainly because its easier when traveling with little kids. Having your own kitchen and washer/dryer comes in super handy! If you feel the same, then you can use the “travel eraser” feature on the Capital One card to erase the Airbnb costs for 3-4 nights.

Here is the link to the Capital One Card with a 75,000 point welcome bonus that would easily cover 3-4 nights! 

Hawaii Family Vacation on a Budget!

Over the past 15 years I have accumulated MILLIONS of miles and learned how to strategize and optimize  credit card points to take tons of discounted vacations like this one, multiple times a year. Using points and credit card bonuses IS your answer to budget travel! Please don’t hesitate to send me any questions you have!

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