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Gift Ideas for the Travelers in your Life

Looking for a gift ideas and inspiration for the explorers and travelers in your life?  Below you’ll find plenty of gift ideas ranging from stocking-stuffers costing only a couple of dollars to larger gifts worth a couple hundred.  Hopefully this list will at least help you check one person off your list this Christmas Season! Happy Shopping!

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1. Clip-On Hand Sanitizer

Because traveling is germ-y.  Airplanes, airports, trains, taxis all filled with germs.  I have one of these attached to both my purse and Will’s carry-on item and use it constantly throughout all of our trips. The simplest gift ideas are sometimes the best.

2. Carry-On Suitcase

Different airline regulations will vary when it comes to the size of your carry-on suitcase.  The most common carry-on size is 22x14x9in.  This is the size Will and I use for each of our carry-on suitcases.  You can also bring on the plane one “personal” item in addition to your carry-on suitcase.  For example, a purse or duffel bag or diaper bag (see next item on gift ideas list).

Gift Ideas for Travelers

3. Travel Duffel Bag -your “Personal item” for plane

The duffel bag seen below counts as my husband’s “personal item” on the plane.  As mentioned above, most airlines let each person bring, onto the plane, one carry-on suitcase and one personal item.  My personal item is usually my purse.  Unfortunately for my husband, me and Jimmie end up throwing a lot of our stuff into Will’s duffel bag. This is a great bag with lots of room and still small enough to fit under the seat in front of you for quick access.

4. KidCo Pea Pod Travel Bed

I got this for the baby for our first family trip to the Grand Cayman Islands when he was 5 months old.  We also used it on our Alaskan Cruise when he was 7 months old.  And now i have used it numerous time for baby #2. Jimmie is now almost two and he still fits in the travel tent with plenty of room to spare. He loves to play in it as well.   I love this because it’s small enough to fit into our checked luggage when folded up in the bag and we never had to worry about “where will the baby sleep?”

Infant Travel Bed Gift Ideas


5. Guava Lotus Travel Crib and Playyard

This is by far my favorite travel crib. We have taken it with us on every single trip since Jimmie was born and continued after Emily was born.  Folded up and locked, it is only 13 pounds! It comes with straps for carrying on your back. We usually check it along with our other checked luggage. If there is one item on this whole list that would really blow your loved-one’s socks off, this would be it!

Gift Ideas for Travelers


6. World Map Necklace

I just really love this necklace.  Click here for link to purchase on Etsy.

Gift Ideas for Travelers 

7. Travel Water Bottle – For Cold or Hot Water

I always bring a water bottle through the airport and onto planes to stay hydrated and more importantly have water for the baby’s formula bottles.  My current water bottle has a clip to attach to my purse or carry-on luggage which is great.  But THIS water bottle below holds cold OR HOT water up to 24 hours. This saves me from constantly searching for hot water in the airports for his formula.

8. Kids Fire Tablet

Ok. I know the amount of screen time a young child is exposed to is an incredibly controversial topic. We do try to limit my son’s (he’s 2) screen time as much as possible. However, I find airplanes are NOT the place to practice screen time restraint.  By all means, stare at that screen for the whole flight little dude!  I like this one because not only is it drop-proof (he throws this thing around alot), but it also already had all the baby apps and books and educational videos pre-loaded onto the tablet.

Gift Ideas for Travelers

9. Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

If you haven’t noticed by now, when it comes to traveling with a baby, I make sure everything is light-weight. This stroller is only 13 pounds and is perfect for the airport. It folds up easily and checks at the gate for free. We have taken it on several trips and it’s held up very well. Check out how it held up on our trip to New York in this post!

Gift Ideas for Travelers

10. Head Phones that drown out airplane noise

Gift Ideas for Travelers
Gift Ideas

Those little ear-bud headphones never did the trick for me when on an airplane.  Airplanes are loud in flight and I was always cupping my hands over my ears so I could hear the movie my husband and I were watching on our i-pad.  I bought 2 pairs of these headphones (below) along with this splitter and it has made all the difference.  Of course if you are traveling with kids, don’t expect to just sit back and watch a movie on your i-pad…those days are over.

11. USB Adapter for Europe

If one of your loved ones is going to Europe anytime soon….get this for them now!!  This was a life saver and more importantly space saver for all of the phones, cameras, go-pros, & i-pads we had needing a charge.

12. Mini Travel Tripod – my favorite of all gift ideas!

Gift Ideas for Travelers
Gift Ideas

This is another item that always comes with me on every single trip.  It’s small enough to fit in my purse.  There will always be a moment you really want to capture, but no friendly stranger is around to take the pic.  I’ve attached this thing to trees, rocks, cars, poles, etc.  You can bend this around almost anything to hold your phone or camera and take a picture on timer mode.  The I-phone attachment that comes with this one is a plus!

13. Go Pro Waterproof Camera

Every traveler needs a GoPro.  Or if not a GoPro, at least a good camera.  The good thing about the GoPro, however, is that its waterproof and holds up well in extreme weather.

14. Kids gift ideas: Nursery World Map Wall Sticker or Shower Curtain

I got this wall decal for my son’s nursery and it’s my favorite part of his room.  The reviews are true that it doesn’t stick super well. But I just grabbed a glue stick and applied it to some of the edges that were coming off and now it looks great!  Another option is this shower curtain.  If the traveler in your life doesn’t have kids, there are also some really nice world map shower curtains for adults on amazon too.  I mean, when is a better time to really study your next travel destination than in the shower?

15. Comfortable Hiking/Walking Sandals

Chacos can be expensive. So when I went searching for a less expensive pair of hiking sandals for our trip to the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone (where we were going to be doing a lot of walking), I found these on Amazon.  They were still super cute and very similar to Chacos but without the high sticker price!

Gift Ideas for Travelers
Gift Ideas

16. Car adapter to USB port.

Most of our trips require renting a car once we arrive to our destination.  Nowadays most cars have a USB port to connect your phone charger in the console. However there have been many times when I relied on that, only to find no USB port and end up worrying about a dead phone with no GPS while driving around a brand new city.  So now I never leave without one of these…just in case.

17. Audio Cable for I-phone or I-pod

This goes hand-in-hand with the car adapter above.  I bring this on every trip just in case. Rental cars don’t always have a USB port but they will have an audio plug in.  We use this to plug our phone or i-pod in for music.  Last year Will and I were on a road trip driving the Pacific Coast Highway 1 in Big Sur, California.  There was absolutely no service nor any radio stations that weren’t fuzz.  Of course I had forgotten to pack our audio cable chord for a backup music source….. so we had to talk to each other! 🙂

18. LugaBug Travel Seat 

Such a cool travel accessory for Parents. Strap the seat onto your carry-on luggage, sit down and go! A fun seat for tired feet. 

19. GB Pockit Stroller

I know I mentioned the umbrella stroller earlier. But this is now our Go-To travel stroller for Airports. The stroller folds up so small that you can fit it into the over-head bin on the plane. No more gate-checking strollers! Highly recommend this one for traveling with Toddlers!

Before Will and I became parents, I felt like I had packing down to a science.  No matter how long we were traveling for, whether 3 nights or 15, I made sure we traveled light.  Everything fit into our carry-ons. No Checked Bags.

But, then we had James in October of 2016.  And then Emily came along at the beginning of 2018.  Over the past four years we have taken them to Seattle, Alaska, the Grand Cayman Islands, Grand Teton Nat’l Park and Yellowstone, New York, the United Kingdom, Colorado, Mexico, Arizona, and Turks and Caicos, Costa Rica, Belize, Jamaica, California…ok you get the idea. Every trip has been a new learning experience when it comes to packing.  Unfortunately we no longer fit all of our stuff into 2 carry-on suitcases anymore. And I don’t have it down to a science anymore either.

I can say, All of the items mentioned above have made a world of a difference for us and our ease of traveling.  I hope these gift ideas help you find something for the ones you love, particularly the ones filled with wanderlust.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Lazy Lauren