ways to save on vacation rentals

6 Ways to Save on Vacation Rentals – that you probably didn’t know about

When it comes to family travel, I’ve always preferred a good VrBO or Airbnb over a hotel room. With kids in tow, a kitchen and washer & dryer can be invaluable on vacation. But vacation rentals aren’t super “points-friendly” like hotels. So over the years, I’ve learned some unconventional ways you can cut costs on your vacation rentals that allow them to fit much better into your travel budget.  Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, these 6 strategies can help you lock in some serious discounts. So lets dive in on all the awesome ways to save on Vacation Rentals:

Overlooking our Airbnb in Santa Catalina Island in California

1. Ask for a Discount in Exchange for a Glowing Review

Find a newer Airbnb or VrBO with 5 or LESS reviews and ask if they’d be willing to offer a small discount in exchange for a glowing review, pending all goes well.  Here’s a FREE template of an example message/email you can send to the owner. Feel free to copy and paste the email and use as your own. It never hurts to ask!

2. Filter your Search with 1 Less Bedroom

When doing your research, set your filters for 1 bedroom less than you will actually need.  Many times there is a private office or a loft or large living room that isn’t being included that can sleep additional people, especially if you’re traveling with little kids! One less bedroom can significantly reduce your cost! It’s one of the easiest and best ways to save on vacation rentals!

3. Book Outside the Airbnb/VrBO Platforms

Ask the host if they have a way to book outside of the vacation rental platform. Often times individual owners will have a separate website. This can save you hundreds in VrBO or Airbnb fees

4. “Erase” your Vacation Rental Purchase with Points

You may not be able to book an Airbnb with points, but you can erase your vacation rental cost using your credit card’s “Purchase Eraser” feature. Right now, THIS CARD has a 75,000 sign up bonus offer and has the “travel purchase eraser” tool on it’s website’s portal. This could easily cover your Airbnb/VrBO booking for up to an entire week!

New to the whole Points and Miles thing? Get your FREE Simple 4-Step Beginner’s Guide here! This is how our family travels all over the world for nearly Free!

5. Extend your Stay

Extend your vacation just a few more days. Most vacation rentals offer a discount if you stay 7 days or more. Often times the savings could be equal to 1-2 free nights. And if you are staying 2 or more weeks, I would ask the host for an “extra” discount in addition to the “7 days” discount. The option may not be “built” into the VrBO/Airbnb website like the “7-day” discount, and most likely the host will oblige

ways to save on vacation rentals

View from our VrBO in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

6. Book a Vacasa with Wyndham Points

Book a Vacasa rental with Wyndham points for as low as 15k points/night!. Vacasa is vacation rental management company that partners with Wyndham Hotels. If you have Citi or Capital One points, you would transfer those points to Wyndham and then call the Wyndham Rewards hotline (1-800-441-1034) to book your Vacasa property using your points. Unfortunately you cannot book using points through the Vacasa website.

One final, yet perhaps obvious, ways to save on vacation rentals would be to vacation with friends or family. Splitting the cost with another family can save you loads on your vacation rental. And every bit of savings means more vacations in the future.

I hope these tips help!

Happy & Safe travels!