Tips for a Relaxing Beach Vacation in Grand Cayman (with kids)

Five months post-baby number 1, I had severe cabin fever and was in desperate need of a beach vacation.  But a relaxing beach trip with a baby?  That’s an oxymoron, right?  My husband thought I was crazy. But I was determined. Will and I had already been to several places in the Caribbean: Jamaica,  Belize, US Virgin Islands, Playa Del Carmen and Puerto Rico.  But none of these seemed to be ideal locations for traveling with our 5 month old (particularly for the first time/first flight).  After a lot of research, planning, and a little luck, I think I found THE perfect place to beach with a baby in the Caribbean!  Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands fit all of our family’s needs. Below are some tips for your beach vacation in Grand Cayman with kids.

1. Where to Stay in Grand Cayman with kids:

Grand Cayman

We stayed at White Sands Condominium right on the popular 7 mile beach.  I can’t say enough good things about this place.  It’s a small property that only holds about 20 units and has its own private beach.  Most days, we had the entire beach to ourselves. It is reasonably priced if you book far enough in advance. Of course, off-season will have lower prices. During our trip, we explored the majority of the island, including East end and Rum Point.  My husband and I both agreed that our little condo at White Sands on 7-mile was by far the best location on the island. 

The unit had a kitchen and washer and dryer. All a necessity since we now have a lot more laundry, bottles and breast pump parts that need cleaning.  White Sands was great, but if it is unavailable, try searching VRBO. Grand Cayman offers a ton of budget friendly condos through VRBO or Airbnb.

Grand Cayman with a baby

2. Tips for Baby’s First Ocean Experience in Grand Cayman  

It was important to me that baby James actually got IN the water on our beach vacation.  Although many condos do come with a pool, the price for that amenity also goes way up! For us, calm ocean waters were the next best thing.  Plus in the ocean, you don’t have to worry so much about baby swim diapers NOT doing their job.  Just feeding the fish.

If you do decide to forgo the condo with a pool, then I do recommend staying somewhere along the 7-mile beach if you’re traveling with kids. We explored the whole island, and the 7-mile beach area has the calmest ocean waters by far. No crashing waves.  And the soft sand provided perfect conditions for playing on the beach with baby. The other areas we explored had a lot more rocks and large waves, which is fine if you aren’t trying to walk into the water carrying a 5 month old. I absolutely recommend exploring the rest of the island, but when it comes to the location of your condo, stay on 7-mile. It also has the best side for sunsets!

Grand Cayman with babyGrand Cayman

3. Finding baby & kid-friendly restaurants in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean.  Every restaurant we went to was not only delicious, but casual, laid back, and family oriented.  Most had highchairs, and on couple occasions, the waiter or waitress even offered to hold and entertain the baby while Will and I scarfed our food down. We found that by going to dinner earlier, than say the 7-8pm crowds, made for less stress (aka less disturbing others with a potential fussy baby or loud kiddos).                 Grand Cayman        

4. Things to do in Grand Cayman with kids (other than lounge on the beach)

If it were just me, I could lounge in a hammock on the beach all day! My husband on the other hand gets bored quickly. Grand Cayman offered plenty of things to do and most happened to be kid-friendly! Here’s my post on 7 Awesome things to do in Grand Cayman with kids


5. Rent a Car!

Yes, they do drive on the left side of the road.  The roads, however, are not crowded and it was worth being able to explore the island on our own time.  It was also nice not having to figure out public transportation and taxis with car seats.  It only took me a few wrong turns down the wrong side of the road to get the hang of “staying Left”…… I kid, I kid.


Grand Cayman

6. Stock up at the grocery store.  

We did eat out at some really amazing restaurants.  But I can honestly say that some of my favorite times were just picnicking on the beach.  Followed by a nap! You can also save room in your luggage by packing only the baby-necessities for your flight. And then stock up at the grocery store with diapers, wipes, baby food, as well.  

7. Ask if your condo comes with a Pack-n-play/Crib.

It’s always good to be prepared. If you are traveling to Grand Cayman with baby, then it’s worth checking on the crib.  If they don’t provide one, then I highly recommend this fold up travel tent that easily fits into your checked luggage:

KidCO-Pea-Pod – Buy here on Amazon

This thing not only came in handy at night, since our condo didn’t provide a crib, but it was also great for naps on the beach. It provides shade while still letting in the breeze and kept the sand and bugs out when needed. 

8. Relax! You’re on Vacation!

Yes, traveling and beaching with a baby can seem somewhat daunting. But I realized I was worrying for nothing.  And so did my husband once we got settled into the condo.  I can only describe those next 5 days as relaxing, lazy, and memorable.  It was as if baby James even knew that you are meant to relax while at the beach!

Grand Cayman

grand cayman

Where is your favorite place to beach with kids? We hope to go again after baby number 2 arrives here in about 3 months.  Comment below with your recommendations!

Happy and safe travels!

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